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The City of Carthage provides water and sewer service to the Leake County Industrial Park located in Carthage.  Two elevated tanks have a combined storage capacity of 750,000 gallons.  Residual water pressure is approximately 50 pounds per square inch.


      Pumping capacity of the three wells                   exceeds 2,000 gallons per minute

      Average daily use                                                   1,600,000 gallons

      Total pumping capacity                                         2,880,000 gallons per day


The water charge is $12.00 per month plus $1.10 per 1,000 gallons used.



The Town of Walnut Grove provides water and sewer service to the Leake County Industrial Park located in Walnut Grove.  Three elevated tanks have a  combined storage capacity of 450,000 gallons.  Water pressure at four wells  range from 40 psi to 80 psi.


            200,000 gallon elevated storage tank at Walnut Grove Park            


            291gpm/40psi       Well #1           

            201gpm/50 psi      Well #3

            319gpm/40psi       Well #2

            299gpm/83psi       Well #4           


            Pumping capacity of the four wells     -about 1000 gallons per minute


The water charge is  $8.00   per month for up to 2000 gallons plus $.20 per 100 gallons used.



Lena Water Works


            Town of Lena Water Works

            Town Hall, P. O. Box 203                   David Langford - Phone:  654-7733

            Lena, MS  39094                                                         Deposit:  $50.00


Rural Water Associations

There are a number of rural water associations throughout the county.  For more information on the  association serving a particular area please call the Leake County Chamber of Commerce at 601-267-9231.      


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