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Leake County Development Association

Organized in December 1964, the charter of the Leake County Industrial Development Association was issued by the State of Mississippi, filed October 30, 1964, and approved November 2, 1964, by Governor Paul B. Johnson.  The charter members of the association were T. H. Etheridge, Solon Mulholland, Crisler Stribling, and George H. Keith.


Among the stated purposes was to render constructive civic services for the promotion of the industrial and economical development of Leake County, Mississippi, and of the citizens thereof, to inculcate civic consciousness by means of active participation in constructive projects which will improve the industrial and economic climate of the county and its citizens.


Serving on the first Board of Directors were T. H. Etheridge, J. E. Smith, J. Crisler Stribling, Solon Mulholland, Dr. Lamar Wilkerson, George Keith, and B. T. Oliphant.  M. G. Bond and J. Harry Sasser were named board members in June 1965.


The founding president was T. H. Etheridge who served from 1964 to 1973.  Other founding officers were Crisler Stribling, vice president, and George Keith, Secretary-Treasurer.


The first executive director was Patrick H. Lewis who served from 1964 until 1966.   Don Edwards served until 1967 followed by Jim Caldwell who served until 1969. Aubrey Gatlin served as Executive Director from 1970 until 1973.  Solon Mulholland served from 1973 until 1976 followed by Linda Shepard.    


In April 2006, the Association removed Industrial from the organization's name.   The Leake County Development Association is the only agency in Leake County whose primary goal is to attract new business and industries to Leake County



Past-Presidents of the Association


T. H. Etheridge                                  1964-1973

George Keith                                     1973-1975

Robert Brooks                                   1975-1976

Harry Sasser                                     1976-1978

Jimmy Wallace                                  1978-1979

J. E. Smith                                          1979-1981

Melvin Wooten                                   1981-1986

Paul D. Long                                     1986-1991

H. Frank Rhea                                   1991-1993

Carl N. Blocker                                  1993-1997

N. L. Carson                                      1997-2000

Jeffery T. Webb                                  2000-2003

J. Brian Gomillion                             2003-2007

Monte Ladner                                    2007-Present


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